Ladies & Gentleman (2013)

The narrative of'Ladies and Gentleman' centers round Chandrabose (Mohanlal), an irrepressible, beautiful gentle man, also also what are the results after his entrance in their own lives. The movie depicts his sway at those women's lives . One of those picture's fundamental topics is all about with a favorable attitude. 'Ladies And Gentleman' celebrities Mohanlal, Krish. Siddique has led this action-romance.Find out more at

Chandrabose gets to be an alcoholic after his spouse's departure. His lifetime however, has a fascinating turn later he dissuades a IT professional from committing suicide.

Ladies And Gentleman tells the narrative of four women Anu, Aswathi, Jyothi, along with Chinnu. Screening provided . Aswathi is currently conducting a IT company, Anu and Chinnu belongs to IT field, Changes which burst into the life span of those four ladies with all the sway of Mohanlal's entrance. The movie leaves a solid message that life is all of a positive outlook.

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